My shih tzu doesn't want to eat seen sunday..very sad long story


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Hi! my 4 month puppy was very happy and playful until last Sunday that i noticed he looked very sad. I went to the vet emergency room because i found black poo. They checked him and took him x-rays and everything looks ok exept that he had fever...On Monday he was worse and I took him to his vet. He checked him and noticed that he wasn't open his mouth when he tried to open it he found that his tongue was swollen. He said that something was wrong in his mouth. The next day he sedated him and open his mouth and found that his tongue was lacerated really bad. He was giving him antibiotics and on Wendsday he vomited a thread that apparently cut his tongue. After that and 4 days of fever he was expecting that everything would go fine. But altough the fever began to go down he doesn't want to eat. He told me that probably he has something more but the only thing to do to know what it is open his belly and look for it. The thing is that he thinks that he is too young for give him anesthesia and could die. He told me that we will wait until tomorrow to see if he eat something..he is and look very weak..if not he told that i should think in put him down. I felt horrible..i don't know what to do... is there something that I could try to make him eat?

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couldn't they try an IV....?
This is soooo sad.... But i just don't know what to say.crycry