homeopathy for arthrisis ?

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Barked: Sun Oct 19, '08 7:42am PST 
Hello pals I am new here and I want to say that I am very happy to be here.My mom treats herself and my skin sister with homeopathy but we never tried for me.
I am french so forgive my faults! also I am very old and my joints hurt a lot with arthrisis.
I woulk like to know if any of you know names of homeopathic cure to treat that ?

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Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 7:14am PST 
I've had a couple of knee surgeries and have some osteo-arthritis from the injuries that prompted the surgeries, so I know that it can really hurt. My mom has taken a multifaceted approach. I sometimes receive acupuncture to help my knee pain. My mom also knows of an acupressure point that can relieve the pain. And she uses a homeopathic oral liquid called Traumeel which is made for humans to treat minor athletic strains and minor arthritis. I have to admit that Traumeel doesn't always do the trick, and she does then resort to the use of a vet-prescribed anti-inflammatory drug. Hope this helps you out. Oh, yeah, she is also beginning to learn Tellington Touch techniques which can help a lot. She found books and a video through her local public library.