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You may- approach.
Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 9:05am PST 
In this thread, ask and post a question, requiring a yes or no answer, for the next pup. That pup answers the question with yes or no and an explaination/description if they want and then poses a question for the next pup. I will start with my favorite question.

Do you like to shred paper?

Let's Play!
Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 4:50pm PST 
YES! I am the paper shredder exrtrodinaire! Typing paper, kleenex, receipts, newspaper, magazines.
Q: Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Where's the- Ball?! Throw- the ball!!!
Barked: Mon Oct 13, '08 7:36am PST 
No, we never have (we'd probably tear costumes off each other!) and we don't hand out Halloween candy since we moved here. But we get a big kick out of the pictures and backgrounds Dogster pups decorate their pages with.

Do you get to chase squirrels or cats out of your backyard?


Mighty Mighty- Rattie Gurl
Barked: Tue Oct 14, '08 3:05am PST 
Yes--we have both and we chase them --all three of us
Do you go to the dog park?

Where ya' goin'?- Can I go too?
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 2:00pm PST 
We were hoping some more pups would stop by their group, but I quess it's just us for now.

Do we go to the dog park?

Darn it, no, we don't have one near here, but at least we are sorta prepared in case we get the chance to go to one. We always read about the rules and how to act when the subject comes up in our dog newsletter, Your Dog, and our dog magazine, The Whole Dog Journal. 'Course, you don't know till you get there...

Do you sleep on your human's bed?

Barked: Mon Oct 20, '08 3:19am PST 
Yes , All three of us share the bed with mom!

Do you like to look out the window and bark at people or animals walking by?blue dog

You may- approach.
Barked: Mon Oct 20, '08 5:01am PST 
Yessiree! All of us have contributed lotsa slobber to the front windows! There are three of four cats we'd like to get a hold of. We love the UPS guy. His truck is noisey, so he can't sneek up on us. It's not as much fun if the human walking past isn't walking a dog. Whatever is out front, Fitz goes crazy to get out the back door. He's never figured out that this does not help him get to whatevers out front.

Do you like rabbit raisins (poopies), cat, deer, etc.?
Jonah RIP- 6/10/96 - 1/31/09

A proud Leader- Dog!
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 5:23am PST 
Poop was one of my favorite snacks, but they don't have it on the menu in doggy heaven.

Do you like to chew on bones?
Scooby Lynn- RIP- 4-29-2009

Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 5:33am PST 
I'm blind and the smallest dog in the house. Hammer is the biggest dog and he lets me take away from him what ever he is chewing on. Bones always taste better when stolen. Got to love me!

I was an escape artist until one day 5 years ago when I got hit by a car. I am now blind and disabled from my injuries. So my question is... Are you an escape artist?

I am Loved
Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 4:35pm PST 
No I like staying with my people, But I do run after the rabbits outside but stop when Mom tells me too...

my Question

what is the most rottenest thing you've done when mad at you're people?
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