Who is your favorite, Edward or Jake???????

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If it looks- good, eat- it!!!!!
Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 9:09am PST 
I have to say that my fave is Jake.
Suzy Q

**warning**- uncontrolable- barking
Barked: Mon Oct 27, '08 7:11pm PST 
Edward. Jake is too irrational, i guess hes never heard of if you love someone you let them go... Plus she lived on when Edward was there and Jake wasn't but went total zombie when Jake was there and Edward wasn't.

Max. ((;
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 5:34am PST 


Oh, wow. Lovely.
Barked: Mon Nov 17, '08 10:21pm PST 
I'm Team Switz.

Edward's awesome, romantic, and protective, but Jake's funny, random, and easy to talk to.

I love them both. ♥

let's just play- and have fun!
Barked: Tue Jan 27, '09 10:49am PST 
shrug personly i like Edward. i think this is like the "what came first chicken or egg?" kind of question. " Jacob or Edward?"
★Bear&- #9733;

Never tired of- love.
Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 4:35pm PST 
I love them both but my favorite is Edward!happy dance

Black Cat's- Rock!!!!!!!!
Barked: Thu Mar 26, '09 10:53am PST 
Let see how about EDWARD!!!!!!

Team Edward/ I- love Bear
Barked: Thu Mar 26, '09 6:44pm PST 
cheercheercheer Me and my family just love Edwardcheercheercheercheercheercheer

Barked: Sun Apr 12, '09 9:54am PST 
EDWARD!!!! cheer cheer cheer snoopy happy dance

eat sleep and be- happy with life
Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 2:50pm PST 
Hey people! I dare to be different! Team Carslie!
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