Guten Tag!


Barked: Sat Oct 4, '08 4:30pm PST 
HOla and hello.

We just joined up. It looks like a slow group but we'll give it a shot. I LOVE GSD's!!!! My husband loves Great Danes. I have not been able to find a great GSD group yet.

Anyhoo. I hope to hear from you all about your shepherds!

Anyone do SAR? Tracking? Therapy? Or are your pups just good ol' pets?

Licks!blue dog

will you play- ball with me?
Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 8:14pm PST 
hi lady hi dutchess im new also im in several groups for GSD but nobody talks in any of them?? its like the GSD is not socialble?? ummmm im socialble somewhat i chat when i can by the way my name is sabrina glad to meet you both happy dance