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Read his blog:

Atticus was dropped at a shelter at only 5 months old, probably because of a severe spinal problem. While he is getting around all right now, we know that as he grows, there is a strong likelihood that he will have increasing problems, including significant pain and possible paralysis.

Atticus is in desperate need of a CT Scan and MRI, which would show the extent of his deformities (he has a hemivertebra with additional deformities in adjacent vertebra). From those scans, rapid prototyping would be used to make plastic models of the spine, which the neuro surgeons can use to practice their approach and technique. In order to ensure his future mobility, they will need to decompress/realign the spine and insert rods to stabilize it. The cost of diagnostics and surgery for Atticus that will allow him to live a normal life will cost close to $6,000 but we could not turn our backs on this sweet life. We are grateful for any donations we get toward his medical expenses. Every little bit helps.

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Let role with this!!! We ready and willing!!