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I have 2 beautiful bullies my Popeye just started having problems with his corkscrew tail. I give him a bath every week and clean it well but after a few days it starts getting irratated, I have tried cornstarch, baby wipes it is constantly moist nothing seems to work any ideas?
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I would suggest seeing what the doctor says about it - we know it's difficult area - let us know what happens cloud 9
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My breeder reccomended panalog ointment or bag balm for irritation of the tail pocket try it out and see if it helps.


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My mommy uses Goldbond powder on me for everything. I, too, have a corkscrew tail and I'm always getting "stuff" stuck on it. Mommy wipes me with sensitive wipes and pats some goldbond on me, then kisses me and rubs my belly and calls me her little baby.
Don't tell anyone, but I really like the pampering...
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josephine had that problem to our vet did a surgical procedure and it just looks like she has a little powder puff back there now and she does not have the yeast infections as bad our vet said the irritation would always be a problem w/out surgery i am glad we had it done for her sake because she would get so sore back there but prior to surgey i used malaseab pads they work very well i still use them to clean her tailpart that is left.
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Yes, I know that this can be a problem..... here are some tips
source is : bulldog experts
Cork screw tails and anal sack troubles...
English bullie boy-Hi - Bullies have anal sac troubles and also have spaces near the tail that need to be cleaned.
Some doggies have a cork screw tail and others just a very tight tail that needs daily care.
Also, many bullies just get a number of skin and coat infections or an overgrowth of yeast bacteria.

Wipe the area above and around the tail each day with a baby wipe. GET the non scented kind for human kids.
After the area is clean and dry you can use some Corn starch to be placed inside the fold area... just put some corn starch on your hand and place a q-tip into the powder and then into the space near the tight tail.
Also, good supplements can prevent the are from starting overgrowth of yeast.
a good Probiotic will help : Flora Force is a good one.

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You know what's funny, we just took our big guy to the vet for his annual shots, and our vet said his tail looked like it might be a cork screw tail and if it dosnt get any better his tail may eventually have to be cropped! Its a routine surgery I guess and it's very common in that breed, all the babywipes in the world might not do the trick..hope that gave you a little insight.