Disney trivia week 2


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Barked: Wed Sep 24, '08 7:15am PST 
1. How Many Countries are represented in Epcot's world showcase and what countries are they?

2. Name the 3 Disney Characters that can be found in the street during the scene/song "out there" in the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

3. In square Miles what is the area of the Walt Disney World resort?

4. What is the name and breed of the dog in "the Little Mermaid'?

5. What does the license plate on the Lincoln used by Skye's in "Oliver and company" read?

6. Name 2 Disney Films where you can find a cat named Lucifer?

7. What four characteristic does Dopey have that the other dwarfs do not?

8. In Aladdin what three rules exist for wishes?

9. In Cinderella when the fairy God mother's magic spell ends, what is the only thing that does not turn back to its original form?

10. What was Disney's first full length animated feature to have no humans appear on the screen in the movie?

Bonus worth 5 points!!!

What Disney world Resort was used in the Beach Boys Video Kokomo?

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I just joined this group. Is it too late to answer?