Noodle has passed on


Barked: Tue Sep 23, '08 11:39am PST 
I don't know how many of you knew Noodle (, but he recently passed away from kidney failure as a result of Shar-Pei fever.

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Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 9:20am PST 
Sorry to hear about your loss... Junebug and I will keep you in our prayers.

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Barked: Mon Oct 27, '08 7:31am PST 
hughugWe're sorry for the losshughug

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My Girl Why Girl
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 8:02am PST 
I am so sorry for your loss. Our hearts go out to you. Godspeed sweet Noodle...
Comforting Hugs