Can Anyone Help?


Barked: Mon Sep 22, '08 2:58pm PST 
My beagle Kya is 5 years old now. I got her when she was 4 and she had had some training, but not a lot. We have been working on some, but not as much as I should.

Here is what I need help with. She scales fences! I unfortunately don't have a fence at this time, but am hoping to get one soon. However, everytime I take her somewhere where the person has a fence, she scales it and off she goes! It's her beagle nose that gets her to do this, she catches a whiff of something or someone goes by and she's off!

I just don't know what to do with her. This past weekend a friend of mine watched her (and her brother Squirt) while I was gone for the weekend. She brought them over to her house so they could run around for a while and stretch their legs and about 15 mins later, she was gone. She was gone for 4 hours (the longest she has ever run off) and scared the heck out of my friend!~ cry

Has anyone else run into this situation and found something that works? I thought about an invisible fence, but even her vet thinks she'll blow right thru it. eek

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 3:32pm PST 
I would try using a leash. I heard that Beagles love to sniff around and once they smell something they like they might just take off and not even hear you calling them.

No intruders!
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 8:18am PST 
Yeah I would also use a leash. But if you want your dog to still roam around the yard without running away, get a very long cable with 2 hooks on each side attach both sides to some trees and put a leash on the cable and he will have lots of space to run but he will never run off!way to go