Momma's Boy!
Barked: Mon Sep 15, '08 9:56pm PST 
I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I'm 3mo minature pinscher pup and I want to make some friends here in Murfreesboro to socialize with b/c momma says I'm skittish. I start puppy classes at petsmart on Wednesday! Hope to get to know you guys! wave
Sasha Von- Noir

Barked: Sat Sep 20, '08 1:26pm PST 
Are you going to the Petsmart by Stones River Mall? That's were I went. Ms. Laura is the best teacher EVER!!

Can we be- friends?
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 9:05am PST 
wave Hello, Rusty! Welcome to Murfreesboro Doggies. blue dogI am Gracie, 11 month old Schnauzer mix. My mommy says I need to take the classes at PetSmart also. She says I have trouble barking and nipping at her feet. confusedI am just loving on her, doesn't she know that?confused

Anyways, I look forward to getting to know you!

happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance