ALL those that will watch the second season of GAD!

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Madison- ♥

The coolest- Fluffer Muffin- in town!!
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 6:50pm PST 
Lets show dogster and GAD that they have our SUPORT!!!!! if you WILL watch the second season of GAD please post here!!

to pervent any disagreements PLEASE DONT post here if you wont be watching the show again!
Watson- *mommy's- angel*- forever

The Lover Muffin- everyone calls- Walli!
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 6:51pm PST 
I cant wait for the next season!!! WOW Im already excited about the new dogs & challenges!!!!!!

Hi I'm The Rowdy- Roo!!
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 6:52pm PST 
They gots our suport!!!! Please make a second season!!!!!

Barron (Now Grandma's furkid)

Swirlies! is- where you turn- in a circle.
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 6:52pm PST 
Please make a second season!! We CANT wait for the new dogs and challenges!!
The BARKER- bunch

We are family!!- hehehe
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 6:53pm PST 
I love GAD! I sure hope they make a second season!! Its a great show to watch with my dogs!

Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 8:10pm PST 
For sure I'll be is about the dogs..and they are all great in their own ways..It's amazing to see them work. I might suggest to do without the elephant next season...but I am definatly a big fan of the show..Congradulations to all the participants in this first season..and thank you for encouraging the concept of the bound that humans can have with their dog
T. J.

"Mommy Loves- You"
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 9:07pm PST 
I will watch another season of GAD. I enjoyed the show.

Im a hot doggy!
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 9:33pm PST 
ME ME ME I WILL WATCH THE NEXT SEASON!!!!! It will be so fun next season!dancing

Member Since
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 9:35pm PST 
I will be watching if they have a second season even if they don't take all the viewers advice because it was great to see all those wonderful dogs. I thought it was really cute how whenever they panned to the dogs faces when the judges were talking about them, the dog's expressions looked like they knew what the judges were saying!

Everyone loves- the Satchmo.
Barked: Sun Sep 14, '08 12:05am PST 
I'll watch. I thought it was a lot of fun!!! GAD has my support!!
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