Does anyone else have a "kissy spot"?


Resistance is- futile.
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 10:37am PST 
My mom just loves my blenheim spot - sometimes she leaves lipstick on it. That's not as bad as the time I chewed on a sharpie and colored my head and paws green! I read somewhere that a queen was rubbing her cavie on the head to comfort her when she was having puppies, and she left a thumb print- a blenheim spot!

Happiness is a- warm puppy
Barked: Mon Sep 22, '08 5:03pm PST 
Faolan has a "kissing spot", too. I read about the same story of the english woman who rubbed the head of her pregnant female cav with her thumb. She was worried because her husband was at war at Blenheim. The legend is that all the puppies were born with the thumbprint or "Blenheim spot" on the top of their heads the next day. Interesting, huh?thinking
Finn- (Karvale- Brookhaven- Finn

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Barked: Tue Sep 23, '08 10:39am PST 
My kissy spot is my regal blenheim spot! We are royalty because a famous duchess rubbed a mummy to be's head and her pups were born with the spot. And guess what, they lived in Blenheim palace.

Stella Agnes- CGC/TDI

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Barked: Wed Dec 17, '08 8:34am PST 
Stella Agnes has the "kissy spot" , too! wave

The Brinstir
Barked: Fri Jan 23, '09 8:05am PST 
Mackie and I have one too.

Princess Royal- Ginger
Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 10:24pm PST 
Jazz and I both have the "Kissing spot." The Blenheim spot, or kissing spot is our crown, and highly desirable in conformation.

Skye-Brookha- ven Dream- Time THD

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Barked: Thu Feb 5, '09 3:59am PST 
I have a kissy spot too but it gets covered up by the long white hair that grows around it! frown Not like Finns that you can see!

Kingston,- Kingster
Barked: Sat Jun 27, '09 8:04pm PST 
-Hey, our dog has a kissing spot, too!party He also, has a problem, of kissing without stopping and switches sides everytime!laugh out loudbig laugh hug
hamster dance blue dog snoopy He is just sooo funny when he kisses, stops, and switches to the other side!!!applause

Fergie - The Princess,- not the singer
Barked: Wed Jul 15, '09 12:12pm PST 
I actually have 2, one thumb size and another off to the side a bit about pinkie size.

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Barked: Tue Oct 29, '13 7:34am PST 
I have two on the top of my head. I get lots of kisses from my mummy every day!