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So what's next?

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Preston- Casanova

(w0)man's best- friend :)
Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 10:13pm PST 
Ruffs up friends!

Thank you all so much for tuning in smile

Mom and I had a BLAST with Laurie & Andrew in LA

You can hear our "b!tches" dishing about Greatest American Dog on my new show, Preston's Planet L!VE... we'll have Teresa & Leroy + Bill & Star + David & Elvis... on as guests in the coming months... please check it out, and let me know your thoughts! We're just getting started, so any input is appreciated...

x, Preston Casanova

Preston's Planet - Jingle DogsWatch This Episode on www.theStream.tvcloud 9
Andrew- Weeeeeeeeeee- eeeeeee!

I ain't scared- of no elephant!
Barked: Wed Dec 24, '08 5:20am PST 
We had a blast! Thanks Preston & Laura!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!blue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogwink

Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 5:36pm PST 
We think they will.

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