Grand Mal seizures


Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 9:51am PST 
My little 4 year old Chihuahua has had two Grand Mal seizures. Her first was about a month ago and exacly a month to the day she had another episode. What seemed like an eternity was probably only a few minutes or so, but it's such a frightning experience.

After her first seizure, she spent a day in the animal hospital. A few days later we made a trip to our regular vet for some additional testing. All her blood tests came back normal/inconclusive. The diagnosis is that she has idiopathic epilepsy. I've heard of young pups having seizures due to liver shunts and older dogs due to old age. I'm trying to cope with the whole idea, but am having such a difficult time. Does anyone have any advice? I'm just not sure what to do next?

Thank you!
~ Karen
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Barked: Mon Sep 15, '08 11:44am PST 
sorry to see you had to join this group. its a very hard thing to go thru. unfortuneitly there are alot of us epi dogs.

start a log, try and get as much info on your seizures as you can. it may help your vet.
pmail me if ya ever need to talk