Where did you get yur aussie?


Blooooo!Happy- Halloween!
Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 2:11pm PST 
Just wondering,all these sweet doggies probly have interesting stories,feel free to tell about them here-other aussie people love to hear these!snoopy

Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 7:23pm PST 
I came from a breeder in Connecticut. My breeder had real sheep in the yard!

Blooooo!Happy- Halloween!
Barked: Sun Sep 14, '08 10:19am PST 
too cool oliver!smile


I'm the water- baby!
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 10:48pm PST 
I used to live in a barn. My old family lived on a big ranch with lots of horses. Its much better at my new house. I get air conditioning and there are no horses neighing all the time. I used to swim in the horse trough because I like water so much. Now my new mommy and daddy take me to the lake to go swimming. Its much more fun now!

Lets Walk!
Barked: Mon Sep 22, '08 9:51pm PST 
I came from a breeder in the Mojave Desert. Man I was glad when my Mom & Dad picked me up, that place gets HOT! We went for a long car ride back to Northern CA to my new home. It's a lot cooler at my house and I get to go to the beach and I do a lot of swimming in the summer.