Fall Photo Contest


Spunky By- Nature, Spunky- By Name
Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 10:45am PST 
I am holding a FALL photo contest. Winners will recieve rewards!
*All photos should be tagged as, corgifallcontest

You may send a SHORT biography (or any special information you think will be helpful in making the decision) to Spunky's personal inbox

Now, we all know that all corgis are b-e-a-utilf, but I'm looking for one that really stands out

Photos must be FALL apropriate and will be judged by quality, obedience, and cuteness of course! Any dog with a special trait will earn extra points. These traits can be a number of things; props, an important roll and/or job, or skills such as herding, ect.

All entries must be in by November 1st, 2008. More information will be posted on the starting date so be sure to check back at the beginning of next month

Good luck! And start tagging your photos as corgifallcontest. If you have any question on HOW to tag photos, feel free to contact me

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