Reverse Sneezing In Beagles


Bondat Belly
Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 5:56pm PST 
Is this a common occurence for the other beagles here? Angus has done this several times, and twice followed it up with vomiting. (once after deworming [drontal] and once in the morning after waking up [no meal yet]).

I read somewhere that vomiting and nausea are common side effects for Drontal, so we discontinued use but after this morning I'm just really worried about his gastro-intestinal health.

Snack, Snooze,- Sniff!
Barked: Sun Dec 14, '08 11:14pm PST 
Wow, didn't realize this has been inactive for 102 days! LOL.

But our worries never have a deadline.... so I'd like to reply anyway.
My Smeagol "reverse sneezes" pretty regularly. Perhaps once a week. I've read a bit about it and all the websites say its a "common occurrence" with beagles and that its nothing to worry about. I read somewhere also that there's a way to "ease" it: by gently stroking their throats and closing their nostrils.

I haven't exactly tried this procedure (mainly coz Smeagol's nose is always a bit ooky and the "sneezing" is over before I can get a tissue). If anyone has tried it - let us know how it works out. smile

Bondat Belly
Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 12:03am PST 
Hi! Thanks for responding, and you are right, our worries don't have a deadline. Angus, now 9 months old, reverse sneezes about once a week or so and we usually rub his throat to soothe him when it occurs. It seems to be a pretty effective method to stop it/soothe him.

It has been determined that the vomiting I previously mentioned (in the first post) was caused by an allergic reaction to Drontal (dewormer). So at least I don't need to worry anymore on that front.