Add Your Birthday/Gotcha Day


Spunky By- Nature, Spunky- By Name
Barked: Thu Sep 4, '08 10:43am PST 
Please tell me your birthday and/or gotcha day, if you want it added to our group calendar!

dancing cheer
Maggie Mae

Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 10:46am PST 
My Birthday is November 3rd. Iwill be 8 this year!cheer

Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 10:47am PST 
My Gotcha Date is: January 15th! Mom says that I will be 4 this year she thinks!

R.I.P-Guinne- ss- Ale-2/16/200- 8

Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 10:49am PST 
My birthday day would have been September 5th. I would have been 5 this year. Mom is sad! So I have a new date 2/16 I will be gone 1 year this coming year! frown
Miss Phoebe- Wiggles

I can do- anything!
Barked: Fri Oct 31, '08 4:49pm PST 
Today! Today is my sister, Yoli's birthday! Does that count?

Yappy birthday to my sister & yappy Howl-o-ween to all!

Corgi kisses,

Miss Phoebe Wiggles

Spunky By- Nature, Spunky- By Name
Barked: Sat Nov 1, '08 1:01pm PST 
Happy Birthday Yoli! big grin
Kirby- Superstar

If you can't eat- it, chew it.
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 10:56am PST 
My bday is March 25th, I will be a year old in a few months!