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If you are- conservative- pmail me!
Barked: Tue Sep 2, '08 5:58pm PST 
Post a picture of something that starts with an A, and then I'll tell the next person to post a picture of something that starts with a B and so on and so on until we get to Z and start over.

Ways to post.

1. do a fancy link - how to link

2. Hover Generator

ps. if your hover picture is really huge an easy website to make it small is ImageShack then you go and hover. You don't have to thought. Just an FYI!

I will start


Next person, please post a picture of a beach

Who- Loves Ya- Baby?
Barked: Mon Sep 15, '08 9:48am PST 
Dixie Mae

One in a million
Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 1:27pm PST 

Edited by author Tue Sep 16, '08 1:49pm PST


Lab in GSD- clothing!
Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 7:11pm PST 
Dew Drop

big grin

Ratty aka- Ratzilla
Barked: Thu Sep 18, '08 6:33pm PST 
Suzy Q

Born to be loved- & pampered!
Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 7:04am PST 
Sadie- Lickin's

Lick 'em all!
Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 7:59am PST 
Ghost! Arrroooooooo....

Lord give me- patience
Barked: Sat Sep 20, '08 2:00pm PST 

Edited by author Sat Sep 20, '08 2:15pm PST

The Fun- Loving- Family

The- FLF...forever
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 8:13am PST 
I ice cream!!!
Amazing- Gracie

Proof that God- has a sense of- humor
Barked: Fri Sep 26, '08 7:35pm PST 
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