"Beverly Hills Chihuahua" movie event in St. Louis, MO


Trixie - Trickster
Barked: Tue Sep 2, '08 3:44pm PST 
Hi everyone,

Have you heard about the new movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" being released to theatres in October? A representative from the Disney studio is trying to arrange for a photo shoot at a theatre here in St. Louis. He wants to get about a hundred chihuahuas and their owners and take a picture either inside the theatre or under the marquee outside. The picture will be released to the press. Each chihuahua owner will receive a Beverly Hills Chihuahua t-shirt. The exact date and place has not been decided on yet. It will either be the 20th or 27th (Saturday) of September. If anyone lives in the St. Louis area or nearby and is interested let me know. This should be lots of fun.