Daisy**In my heart

This Bridge girl- is single
Barked: Wed Aug 13, '08 2:28pm PST 
Hey boys, this girls lookin'!
heres a little about me!

♥I'm real!
♥I'm on at least every other day
♥I'm faithful
♥Fun loving!! ^_^
♥Love chatting through Paw mail and love going on dates!!
♥I hang out in Dogster Crushes most of the time
♥I'm romanticcloud 9

about you

♥Just about everything I've listed above, but it doesn't have to be exact wink
Angel Stella- *2000-2005*

Have- Fun!
Barked: Sat Nov 7, '09 5:10pm PST 
My name is Stella! I am a Black lab looking for my true love. Looking for a sweet boy.
~~I am on every day, if not every other day.
~~Love to have fun
~~I am an Angel
~~Looking for:
On three times a week at the least.
Not Fake
If you are looking for someone like me, please ask!
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