Help My Mom find me in California!


Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 5:08pm PST 
Been missing for a year now.. my mom hasnt given up and never will...but if anyone at all thinks they know my whereabouts, or recently have heard of a story about finding a shih tzu in LA last year-please contact us-- it may lead to me being found. I answer to the name Josh. There is a huge reward if found, it will be a couple grand.


ps. My brother Tai is a new member here to and would love to make new friends!
Jonas Ewok

Barked: Tue Mar 29, '11 12:58pm PST 
I'm so sorry you lost your mom! I was found running in the streets of Sunland in early 2011. I am very young, so I am not you. But if you know anyone who wants to adopt a cute guy like me, please send them to my doggie profile! Thanks!