Prima-Couch- Potato
Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 10:30am PST 
Our beloved Prima passed away May 07. She was the best. She was 14.5 years old. cry We rescued her when she was 5 years old. We miss her dearly. I am not ready to get another greyhound, as its too painful and no one could ever replace her. We have two other dogs that lived with her.

Not your- ordinary- Greyhound!
Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 10:46am PST 
I am so sorry for your loss. Only a greyhound parent could ever understand the deep connection between a grey and his / her human. Before I adopted Marley, I never could have known. Just know what a wonderful gift you gave to Prima, your love! She will be waiting for you at the Bridge, and until then you have a greyhound guardian angel watching over you.little angel
Mary Lou

Mary Lou aka- Froot Loop
Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 7:08pm PST 
I lost my Sonic (first greyhound) in July, 2005. I had only had him 4 months, but it didn't take him 4 hours to steal my heart. It was one of the most tragic things I have ever dealt with. I now have Mary Lou, who I went and met the day after Sonic died and brought home a week later, and Jade who joined us a year after Lou. I cannot imagine life without my girls. I know how horrible it is to lose your heart. Our prayers go out to you.


Jesse is a- shredder of all- papers :)
Barked: Thu Aug 14, '08 1:05pm PST 
It is something every dog owner goes through; the death of their beloved pet. It hurts so much (and then some). Greyhounds are incredible creatures and when we lost Polo 2.5 years ago, the pain was unbearable (even though we had Jesse, our other grey). We wound up adopting Matthew just a few weeks later as Jesse was grieving as badly as us.
Our home came to perfect harmony as I realize that opening one's heart (again) has nothing to do with the grieving process. I hope you come to realize this in time. Matthew brought more laughter, though he didn't stop the tears. Only time does that.
Abbey, Jesse & Matthew