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I don't get it?
Barked: Fri Feb 6, '09 6:57am PST 
Hi, Bear and Hammer here. We both raced for 5 years ending up in Tampa, Florida. Mom fostered Hammer first about 2 years ago and he has never left her side since. After a few more fosters, she pulled the same prank with me. I knew when she switched the foster collar for a sock monkey one on the second day that I was staying.
Hammer is teaching me all the great spots to lay, toys to play with, couches that are doggie ok. And our little brother Boh the Whippet is teaching me which cats are the funest to chase.
I still have some rough nights, and wake up alot...but big bro Ham shushes me before I wake mom up to much.
It's a learning process....alot of things mom says....i don't really get yet. Like DOWN....what IS that!?!
All and all, I like it here and Hammer (I call him the golden child) does too.
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