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I'm cross posting this message I received this morning in hopes we can get these guys to their destination. Help if you can please.

I am cross posting this message I got this morning in hopes that someone can help.

If you've been keeping up with the blog lately
(http://2dogs2000mil es.blogspot. com/), you know a few weeks back Luke
found a beautiful brindle pit bull momma dog and her five puppies
(about 8 weeks old) abandoned in a filthy, falling down house. Luke
says "she appears to be a pit bull so we suspect she was abandoned
because of Arkansas' medieval laws against the breed." He found a
temporary place for them to stay but time has run out.

The good news is, a home has been found for Momma and she's already
happily settling into her new digs. She has finally found someone to
love her forever.

The trouble is, while the puppies have a rescue that can take them in
and find them homes, the pups have to be transported there first.
Here's where we're hoping someone out there can help. We need to find
them a ride from Little Rock, Arkansas to Clarksville, Arkansas, about
100 miles, around a 1 and a half hour journey, according to Google
Maps. This has to happen TODAY, SUNDAY. The puppies ultimate
destination is Sallisaw, Oklahoma, where the Eastern Division of
Forever Friends Humane Society will take them in and find them homes.
(They specialize in placing puppies.) But they need to get there
first, and the leg of their journey between Little Rock and
Clarksville still has no one to transport them. It looks like I-40 is
the best route.

If you or someone you know can help these puppies on their way to
their new homes, please let us know. This has to happen now. 100 miles
(OK, 200 round trip), and only 3 hours, give or take, out of your way
isn't really that big a deal when you're helping to save 5 lives and
will soon make five families very happy. Yes, gas prices suck. Yes,
it's three hours on a Sunday. And, yes, it will probably rain. But,
hey -- it's time with puppies!!! Just think of it that way. Find a
friend or two to go with you, pack a couple of old blankets or towels,
a picnic lunch (bring enough for the puppies too, and plenty of water)
and make a day of it. Only three hours out of your life to know you
saved the lives of five puppies who will undoubtedly make at least
five people very happy for years to come. For years to come!

If you or someone you know can help with this transport, or if you
know of a group that can help with the journey from Little Rock to
Clarksville, please contact Kathy at kathy@2dogs2000mile as soon
as you can. Time is short. If the puppies can't find transportation
they might not have a future. They're on borrowed time at their
temporary digs now. Please help if you can, or put Kathy in contact
with someone who can.

Thanks so much! And please feel free to cross-post this email far and
wide. We need to get these puppies to Clarksville and start them on
their new and happy lives!
Marcia first if you or someone you know can drive the puppies from
Little Rock to Clarksville. You can email her at:
okdobie@olp. net

Kathy has her number and will contact her. Contact Kathy
(kathy@2dogs2000mile if you don't hear back from Marcia.

Thanks, everyone, for your help with this. Thanks especially to the
transporters, to the folks who have been giving the puppies room and
board, to the family who adopted Momma, to Marcia, to Kathy, to the
rescue in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, and to all involved.

We'll keep you posted on their progress and try to find out when they
get their forever homes!

puppy up!