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Mazey Bowers- DEAN (ILM)

The Queen!
Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 5:51pm PST 
How about if we all introduce ourselves to one another.

My name is Mazey, and my Mama took me in when I was wondering the streets and I was pregnant. Two of my boys which are Rusty and Ralph, will be 1 this month!

I was diagnoised with FIP several months ago. All of us kitty cats have been on meds twice a day, to help with it. There is no cure or treatment for it. FIP is a fatal disease. Mama is hoping the diagnoises was wrong.

I am a very happy kitty. I love my boys, and my big family. I also love to bath my doggy pal Rosiesmile


Mazeylittle angel
♥Winn- ie - The Pooh

Hello- Furfriends, - Diva Kitty Here!
Barked: Thu Aug 14, '08 7:32pm PST 
waveHey Mazey!!!! I'm Percy do (the wild child) I am a Maltese doggie.....I came to my furmom b/c I was adopted by my grandfather & grandmother.....they did not know how much energy I was gonna haves!!!!! SOOOOOO......I started staying over at my furmom's house to gives grandfather & grandmother a break....and to gets me some more excitement & exercise!!!!! It started out that I only came in the afternoons to walks wif furmom & then I started to spend nights here & there....then.....I started to stay with furmom any time I could get the chance....right now our system is (the best of bof worlds if you's asks me..I luv it!!!) I stay with granddad & grandmother on Sunday and Monday nights...then stay late sat. night wif my furmommie!!!! I gets my rest at their house & I plays out all my energy & go fur my car rides, etc wif furmommie!!!!!!!! I'm a double luved doggie!!!!

I'm a bit hyper...and bouncy!!!! I am full of personality...look like I'm smiling most of the time..things just don't ever get to me...I have a positive outlook on things!!!!! I luvs my chew toys & my king wubba is my fav right now!!!!!!!!! If I's luvs know it & I'm a true & loyal friend!!!!!!!

Well....thats just a little about me!!!! Hope to read some more about some new furfriends on here too!!! Looking forward to it!!!

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Barked: Thu Aug 14, '08 7:35pm PST 
FUr some reason....we posted that above as Percy's introduction...showed up as my fursister Winnie's pic????? We'll try this again to see if Percy can post!!!!!! Sorry if it won't work!!!!

Gigi - Harpur's- Giddy Upp

Giddy Upp Giddy- Upp Giddy Upp - lets Go!
Barked: Sat Jan 31, '09 11:30pm PST 
Hi My name is Gigi and I am new. I have a pet kitten named Kit. It's black. I am a Rat Terrier who loves to compete in dog agility.
Rickie Roo - BurWayItsLik- eThis

I'm a Bur-Way- star!
Barked: Sat Jan 31, '09 11:31pm PST 
Hi my name is Rickie Roo and Gigi is my older sister. I have a pet kitten too. it's name is Kat. Its looks just like Gigi's kitten Kit, but my kitten has 2 white whiskers and when you touch her, she's just a bit rougher than Kit. I like dog agility too, and am the naughtiest puppy in the world.
Winston - Harpur's- Winston Cup

Winston @ the- Rainbow Bridge- 6/29/09
Barked: Sat Jan 31, '09 11:34pm PST 
Hi My name is Winston.

I am Gigi and Rickie Roo's older brother. I'm 14. I went blind this year, but am still doing just fine. I have a black kitten too. It's a triplet to my sisters kittens. Since I hated cats and would eat them before I went blind, I would have never thought I would have a kitten. But now that I'm blind, they don't bug me at all. My kitten is named Kaboodle. It's a boy and it won't go near anyone, especially me. But that's the kind of pet kitten that is just perfect for me. I got the only boy, the other 2 kittens are girls.
PJpupp - Harpur's- PJpupp

Pupp Pupp Pupper- Roni!
Barked: Sat Jan 31, '09 11:36pm PST 
Hi my name is PJpupp and those 3 up there are my sisters and brothers. I don't have a pet kitten. But, a 23 year old cat has me for a pup. It was there first so Mommy says that I am his pet and not the other way around. His name is Mau Mau or Shaytoon and he is VERY VERY fat. and old. He is a brown tabby. I like agility and sheepherding.

Hey! I'm new and- need some Pup- Pals!
Barked: Sat Jan 31, '09 11:37pm PST 

I'm Hobo. I've appointed myself as Winstons Seeing Eye dog.
My story is kind of long, but you can read it on my page smile
I'm a good boy. I play with the kittens but don't have one of my own.

Barked: Wed Feb 4, '09 6:16am PST 
Hi! wave I'm Bean. I'm a 7 month old silver pug. I have 2 dog brothers-Bandit and Moose, 1 cat brother- Cosmo, and 1 cat sister- Luna. Mom rescued Luna and Cosmo from a rescue group about 3 years ago. kitty Luna likes to play with me but Cosmo beats me up! He's about twice my size!
Teddy, CGC

Little- Teddy- Weddy
Barked: Fri Feb 6, '09 2:46pm PST 
wave Hello my name is Teddy, i have just turned 1 years old and am a Maltese X Toy Poodle.
I live in England and my favorite things to do are play, go fur long walks , be in front of the camera & cause mischief!
I absolutely love Cheese, socks and being on Dogster wink
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