Pdawg, barking hello to my new friends!

Preston- Casanova

(w0)man's best- friend :)
Barked: Sun Aug 3, '08 9:48pm PST 
Ruffs up fellow poms!

Just wanted to introduce myself smile please say hello, and be my pup pal, if you're not already! My name is Preston Casanova... I'm a 5 year old white boy from Southern California... I was adopted by the coolest mom on earth, and thank DOG every day for being so fortunate. I work as a canine actor/model... but my FAVORITE passion is spending weekends with mom and the kids, volunteering as a therapy dog!!! You can read more about me @ www.prestoncasanova.com smile if you live in CA, please sign up for my newsletter... I'm having a birthday pawty in September, and I'd love to invite you all! Till then, please bark for momma and me on TV... Wednesday nights @ 8pm on CBS, starring in GREATEST AMERICAN DOG! Hope you're all having a pawsome summer....

x, Pdawg smile

Kirby- (Friend's- Dog)

Barked: Mon Oct 20, '08 7:07pm PST 

happy dance
Hi Im Kirby! My friends Ellie & Missy are huge fans! Please send us a private message. I want to talk to you for the first time! hamster danceway to go