Where did you all get your shorkies?


Ruby Slippers on- a Yellow Brick- Road
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 12:27pm PST 
I am just curious. Anyone have any interesting stories about where they found their shorkie?

I had never heard of shorkies until one of my fifth grade students brought me pictures of their new litter. She knew I had a purebred Yorkie and wanted me to come see her shorkie pups. Of course I went to see them telling my daughter that we were JUST LOOKING. Well, as soon as I saw those little teddy bear faces, I knew I was in trouble. I picked Ruby up and she snuggled me like a little baby. Needless to say, we went home with a newly adopted shorkie. Although, she is a handful, I don't regret it for a second. She is still my snuggle bunny even though she is techinally my daughter's dog.

I hope you will all share your stories. I would love for this group to be more active.

Thanks to Danielle for starting it. (BTW, I love your name, that's my and my daughter's middle name. smile
Sadie- Lucinda

Shorkies Rock!
Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 5:33am PST 
Well the breeder lived a long way from us so she said she'd come halfway and we'd go halfway and we met her at a gas station.

Love my loofa- dog
Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 11:39am PST 
I have had my Shorkie Grant for two months. I got him from a breeder. I was looking at a Yorkie she had but they were all way too expensive. He was the last she had. I went to see him and fell in love. He has been the best dog ever.