Let's introduce ourselves!


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Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 10:39am PST 
I was thinking since we're all new to this group, why don't we introduce ourselves? Maybe we can make lots of new friends this way AND get to know each other better! dancing

I'll start!

I'm Coco! I'm a pup and a miniature schnauzer. I live with my pack (Button and Queenie the 2 crazy kitties, Mommy, Daddy, furless bro Gabie, and 2 fun little lovebirds) in Urbana, Illinois. I lub to run around chasing Button all day long. I like doing twix for my mommy and going to the park for long walkies and making new furiends! My furvorite food is bacon and peanut butter!way to go oh yeah, that stuff's good!

ok, now it's your turn... snoopy
Saphira, CGC

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Hi My Pup Pal, Coco!

Good idea!

I am a four-month-old long-haired German Shepherd. I was born on March 2, 2008. My parents are from Germany.

I came to live with my Mommy and Daddy on March 19, 2008. We had a very busy day because we got to meet all of the family that day AND Daddy's Track Team, too.

I am getting big fast! I now weigh 47 pounds. I am getting my BIG GIRL fur and my BIG GIRL teeth now, too!

I like to be with my family most of all. We play together, we run together, and my Doggie Grandmas and my Doggie Uncle take me to the beach and to the campground.

I love crunching plastic bottles and playing in puddles.

My favorite food is EVERYTHING!

How about YOU guys?

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Angel Lou

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wave Hi Coco and Saphira,

I am glad you to joined and accepted my invite! Very good idea to introduse ourselves!way to go
Ok..here I gohappy dance

My name is Angel, I am a 1yr 4 mo old! I am a American Pit Bull Terrier/German Shepherd mix.snoopy

I have been with mommy for about 5 months now! She adopted me from Washburn County Area Humane Society!dancing

I live in Webster,Wisconsin. Soon to be moving to Duluth, Minnesota! I live my mommy and daddy, then I got two brothers(Parakeets: Baby Boy and Cookie). Then my Grandpaw and my Aunt live down the road. And they have Rico my HUGE brother. He is a 3 year old German Shepherd!

My favorite things to do are go outside, and chase that pesky little chipmunk! I also love to go for walks! And Car rides! I love people, I am ok with other dogs. I always have to be by my mommy! I wuvers her! And guess what mommy said that in april we are gonna get a new family member and its gonna be a standard poodledog.

My favorite food is Sausage links! But my regular dog food is Maximum Lamb and Rice all natural. And my treats are Grandpaws peanut butter cookies! Ohh..did I mention that I love ICE CUBES!blue dog

Well thats me! Hey everyone....Add pictures to the group photos if you would like!!! Also add my brother Rico as a friends he would love it!!cloud 9

little angel Angel and Amber(Human)dog

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Hi, everyone,
I'm the Beanster... AKA Beanie, and lots of other names I don't care to write downred face
I am a miniature poodle, but just barely... I am 10 1/2 inches tall and only weigh 5 lbs. I live in Charlestown, NH with my Mom and lots and lots of other dogs. We have a boarding kennel and my Mom does grooming and teaches obedience classes. I am a rescue pup, but my Mom used to have my Grammy. She now is in a retirement home, but my friend is her last baby, a 4 month old brown poodle named Chaz. He has a page on dogster, too.
I am the entertainment captain in our house. I think of all the good stuff to do. And, some not so good, too!!!
Well, gotta go plan the evening entertainment now. Hmmm, maybe some popcorn and a movie????
Welcome to everyone else!
Luv ya, Beanster

Lets play!!(add- me as a pup- pal!)=D
Barked: Tue Jul 29, '08 12:38pm PST 
Hi everyone!waveIm spotty and im a 12 year old pup!I was rescued from the shelter so my mommy and grandparents dont know what kind of breed I amconfused(maybe you could go to my page and tell them what you thinkwink)but they do think i have terrier and bulldog in me because Im energetic and I have a short snout.I live with my mommy,grandma,and grandpa!Even though my mommy is my age(12 in human years)I still look up to her!of course I also love my grandparents.Everytime they go swimming in this thing they call a "pool"at night time I either sit outside the gate or walk around it so that they know they are protectedpuppyI also have an aunt named Sadie shes younger then me but shes real smart!She's usually calm which is helpful at times because sometimes I get tierd.even though shes my aunt I still take care of her!I guess Im the type of dog who's #1 goal is to take care of her familybig grin

Momma's Girl!
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Thank you Coco for inviting me to the group!

Hi everyone! My name is Bella. I am a 9 week old bichon puppy who is in love with my new family! My new mommy, Sandy is my pack leader and I run with her kids, Austin and Lauren! I am having so much fun blitzin and playin around with my new family.

Love & Puppy licks,
Baby Bella