Do you remember us?


Queen Molly - Please bow and- pet me.
Barked: Wed Jul 16, '08 11:32am PST 
Gee, our mommy has been on the Drool for almost ever (way before Miss Nancy retired) and here on Dogster for a long time too. Guess we should say "Hey" to everyone.

In June of 2004, Chandler and me got to go all the way from Florida to Niagara Falls by way of western Louisiana. (Mommy isn't good at geography.) Once there, where we were joined by Andy and got to ride in a brand new van all the way to LeRoy, New York where we stayed with Brannigan, Daisy and Kaylee. Does anybody remember us or have any idea who we are?

Please somebody, try your best to remember us.

With many sloppy kisses and much basset love,
Billy and the Greene bassets