one ear sticking up, one ear floppy and down


Barked: Tue Jul 15, '08 2:00pm PST 
has anyone's puggle had this? when i got ginger both ears were down and floppy like a pug, but all of a sudden one day, one went up and sideways ish and it stays like that unless you manualls straighten out her ear. this obviously isn't a big deal but i was wondering if anyone else's dog experienced this or if she will grow out of this and both ears will be down and floppy again?
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Barked: Sat Oct 11, '08 11:38am PST 
I guess that Puggles are very unique in there own ways because Annie has a snaggle tooth that isn't always out. In my life I've seen many dogs that have differences that aren't exactly normal, but it's nothing to worry about. Dogs can be born with these differences, or they can come very suddenly. With Annie it's almost like she decides if she wants the tooth out or not, so I know she's fine. As long your Puggle is still acting okay it's nothing to worry about. If she begins to act strangely, then try to get it checked out. It's most-likely that the differences with the ears is not anything major, your Puggle is just unique.

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