Here is a Rottweiler Good News story from a very good friend of mine.

Jovi- Wolfgang- Batchelor

Watch Out I Am- Gonna Lick YA
Barked: Sun Jul 13, '08 6:20pm PST 
Several years ago I operated an in home-day care. You can imagine the resentment I received from some people when they found that I have Rottweilers and that these dogs are not chained up outside, but in fact very much in the house at all times and therefore around the children at all times.
One incident was rather amusing, a lady called to inquire about my daycare, I did tell her on the phone that I have the 2 Rotties and how things are with the dogs at my house, she was quite reluctant, but I told her if she needed references, I would be more then willing to provide them, she replied, that she wasn't concerned about my qualification, but the dogs being around the children. This is what I told her: "Ma'm, the references are for my dogs and not for me". She chuckled and said that that was rather unusual and agreed to an appointment. Of course it took just a little more then that to persuade her, but in the end she did show up the next day with her 2 year old son, I had Bär and Bianca, my 2 Rotties, in a down/stay and as this lady walked in their rearends started to wiggle and the little stumps they have for a tail were going rather fast. They wanted to get up so badly and greet our visitors, but remained where I had placed them. I must say, that the lady was quite impressed by the way the dogs behaved and admitted that she has seen some unruly Rotties before and then the size of these dogs...... it just made her uncomfortable and that is why she had the concerns about bringing her son to a daycare with Rottweilers. And of course all the media attention when another Rottweiler attack happens, didn't help matters much either.
In the end she brought her son to my daycare, her boy remained with me for almost 3 years and then the family had to move. How unfortunate! But we all remain friends and have constant contact. She always asks how Bär and Bianca are doing and that from a person that was very concerned about them in the beginning.
My conclusion is, that the overall reputation of the Rottweiler is bad, but if we are openminded and give the individuals a chance, we will find out, that there are many friendly and gentle Rotties out there.
Just because one Gunowner shoots and kills a person, not all gunowners are killers! The same principle applies to dogs, just because one Rottweiler bites a person, doesn't mean that all Rottweilers are vicious! It is a matter of raising these dogs, becasue they need training and socializing to make them good members in our society and unfortunatley there are many cases downright dangerous! We can only train the owners of these wonderful dogs and banning this breed will only take care of one breed that has a bad reputation, which breed will be next?