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My dogs know certain basic commands like sit, lay down, shake, come and stay. But I feel like I don't always have their focus or they only respond when they want to. How to I teach them to obey commands right away and not walk away if they aren't in the mood. I wanted my girl to stay and she kept getting up and walking away. Now she KNOWS how to stay for extended periods of time. But today she wouldn't sit half the time and she def wouldn't stay. Also sometimes if there is someone else in the room she won't listen at all. How can I teach tricks or commands that can be performed without least small ones.
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Angel ... sounds like you could use the "FOCUS ON ME trick!" which can be found on the main page under the group links listing (1st one on list) shock thinking thinking thinking
Or you can also find it here:
FOCUS ON ME (scroll down list in left hand column...)

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As with all training and tricks ... even when they become "second nature" to your pup ... the attention (focus) and trick are more successful if you review them on a continuing basis with your pup ("Continuing Ed" - BOL)
hug good luck with this .... snoopy

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Ahhh Thank you so much for that tip!!!!