Camera Names A-Z

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Roscoe the- Racehound&tr- ade;

Faster than a- speeding- jack-rabbit
Barked: Wed Jul 9, '08 4:19pm PST 
Because this can be difficult, it can be old cameras, new cameras, and even a type of lense! Just be sure to place (lens) if it is one, so lets get started!blue dog
✿Tinkerbel- le ✿

Baby Cakes
Barked: Wed Jul 9, '08 6:47pm PST 
A- Asahiflex

Come into my- yard and all- bets are off
Barked: Thu Jul 17, '08 6:51am PST 

✿Tinkerbel- le ✿

Baby Cakes
Barked: Sat Jul 19, '08 9:05pm PST 
C- Canon
♥Spike- ♥

King of The Yard
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 6:53pm PST 
D - DoCoMo

One-person dog
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 11:39pm PST 
E- Emerson? I'm not sure if that's a type of camera or not..... Is it?
Cocoa- Puff♥

Ms.Anne- 's Cocoa Puff-
Barked: Sun Feb 8, '09 7:06am PST 
F- Fugi??

Barked: Fri Mar 20, '09 9:23pm PST 

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Sun Mar 22, '09 10:36am PST 
H- Hitachi

Barked: Wed Mar 25, '09 6:20am PST 
Ilford (Sportsman, Advocate, ect.)
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