Spoiled Brat!


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Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 12:09am PST 
My boyfriend and I just brought home our first Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Argus. He'll be two months old in a few days and he is possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

I've raised a puppy before (my wolf hybrid, Lakota) so I know that puppies can have a bit of an attitude and sometimes act a little bratty. However, I am curious as to whether this is common in Berners?

He seems especially aggressive when I stop him doing something like trying to eat something he shouldn't, like poop (yuck!), or if I pick him up when he tries to run off.

I want to break him of his biting, and I will, but if there is a certain way to correct this behavior that I may not have tried, I would love some tips.

Thanks for the helping paws!

Cheyenne & Khamryn
Columbus Jct., IA