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Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 9:23am PST 

Our Miss Molly was looking fur a place here she could just visit with the other pups. So here you go Miss Molly and all you other UNLEASHED pups!

Howl at the moon dog wag your tail blue dog begs fur treats puppy do a Snoopy dance snoopy whatever makes you happy happy dance

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 10:13am PST 
Hi Reba wave

Great idea Miss Molly big grin It will be good to catch up with our DU pals.
♥Maya- ♥

Maya, Maya,- Papaya, Fee fi- fo Maya!
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 10:22am PST 
Hiya everybody!!
Great idea Miss Molly! And thanks Reba fur creating this thread!!
So, what's new with all you pups?wave


Goddess of- Wisdom
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 11:56am PST 
wave Everyone!

Well, I want to share that my mommy and daddy are both getting off early from work today just to spend the extra time with Achilles and I. We are going to have a long camping weekend for the 4th of July. I over heard mommy telling daddy that she is hoping this will be the weekend we pick up swimming, but I am still not sure about the water thing and Achilles feels the same way, we will see what happens.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July all.snoopysnoopydancingsnoopysnoopy


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Once a EMD- always a- Entlebucher Mt.- Dog.
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 12:53pm PST 
wave Athena & Achilles

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful 4th of July too...dancing

I was just reading a story about L.A. UNLEASHED...on the state spay - neuter bill...(AB 1634).....

...which just passed the California Senate's Local Government Committee and is headed for Appropriations. Originally, the bill mandated that most dogs and cats be spayed or neutered. The bill has since been, pardon the expression, altered.

But opponents are still in an uproar. Why? Let's revisit the thornier issues.....

Under the old version of AB 1634, lots of animals were forever exempt from mandatory sterilization: police dogs, service dogs, animals of licensed breeders, etc.....But now the bill says if an animal gets cited for a violation a few times, the pet will be ordered spayed or neutered. No exceptions. So, ironically, the tamer version of the bill means that the specter of possible neutering and spaying hangs over any dog or cat -- once it runs afoul of animal control ordinances a few times.......
(from the Los Angeles Times).

Wow,shock that's heavy...

I would like to hear you're opinions to this...especially also from the dogs in LA or Southern California...

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Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 2:08pm PST 
Where I live in So Cal we don't have that mandate, so far anyway. We are not even required to licence as we are in a rural area. But in LA and the surrounding areas the unwanted pet population is so severe they think this will be part of the solution. 1000's are euthanized daily in pounds and shelters.

I've been hearing bits and pieces on the news, but not as much as I just learned from Emma! shrug

Dogs and cats who are exempt initially from sterilization, but may be ordered to be sterilized because they may be cited one too many times sounds like an owner problem to me. In which case I think if they have more than one animal, they may want to look at ALL of the dogs or cats in their care.

I do think spaying and neutering is a good thing. It's a shame there as so many irresponsible pet owners that force the government to get involved.

Orange County I hear is also considering doing what LA is.

It could be worse... They could outlaw having pets in those areas altogether. I'm sure someone thinks that would be a good idea.... confused

Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 2:57pm PST 
This is fur Kona who asked about a picture of the trophies we got at the Anza Days Parade... wave *parade wave*

There's a cute little trophy that was presented to me the day after the parade that I just had to include in the picture big grin

Parade Trophies
Miss Molly

Having Fun
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:40pm PST 
I'm glad that everyone like my idea of a chat place . big grinsmilebig grinsmilebig grinsmilebig grin

Reba you look so proud of your trophies , That's a great picture of you . That's a picture for framing way to goway to goway to goway to go Reba do you live outside San Diego county or near San Diego ?

Athena have a great time going camping Have lots of fun !!!!

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Fri Jul 4, '08 5:42am PST 
That's a great picture Reba way to go

We've never won a trophy but we've won Rosettes big grin
♥Toto ♥

Toto & Cinnamon=- love <3
Barked: Fri Jul 4, '08 10:29am PST 
Hi pups! wave
Glad that we have a chat thread!
Happy 4th of July! Some pawsome trophies you have there Rebaapplause
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