Just want to know about BT`s and if you can help me?


Sum dogs wil- bite you You in- the back.
Barked: Tue Jul 1, '08 7:10pm PST 
My Border Collie Blaise was Attacked By a Border Terrier Today,

You see I was Playing with My Blaise (She can be nervous around other dogs) And this Border Terrier came from around the side of the Hill and Charged at her. (Blaise did not see it and got attacked from behind)

Blaise has never had a run in with this dog before -or the owners other dog (which happens to be an elderly border collie)

I just wondered if Border Terriers are Agressive- It charged at Blaise and was really angry, Blaise did nothing to provoke it! (She didnt even know it was coming!)

Its also strange that a B.T would go for Blaise because B.C`s are about 2inches taller?

The dog was really nasty, The owner was shocked so obv. it was a side she hade never seen to her dog, She Kept apologising and told me she would never let It off the lead again

But I still -Unfortunatly- wasnt happy,

First reason is that Blaise has been attacked once before (she was 10 weeks-didnt get hurt) The dog didnt want to harm her but was a big alsation mix- It terrified her and i did a year and a halfs socialising and training again- Now this Nasty attack has happend that has pretty much flew out of the window.

2nd thing is the dog bit me, Not a bad bit but a good nip. It got me because i hade my arms out waiting for Blaise to run into them.... I did mean to get me but of course If It had wanted to It could of made much more damage.

So really I was just wonderingIs This breed is Agressive I know Terries can have a real Fiesty side, But my dog obviousley didnt want to fight yet this dog Wouldnt give up and countined to bite her untill the owner got controll of it.

I dont dislike anydog and I do hope this horrible little dog was a one off for the breed.
thanks for reading, please reply

Sum dogs wil- bite you You in- the back.
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Help shockthinking

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Border Terriers are not aggressive dogs by nature. They are sometimes even a bit shy with other dogs (not people, they love people). My first thought is the BT was frightened for some reason. They are very stable dogs emotionally not sure what happened but its not a norm.

Opal x

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Barked: Sat Oct 3, '09 3:51am PST 
Border terriers aren't vicious normally. Only if they are playing and get a bit rough, but its the same with most dogs, if you train it to be savage than it will be. Maybe the dog was hurt or confused. Im sorry that such a thing would happen and by a border terrier aswell. confused My border terrier is a bit feisty at times but shes normally quite a timid, shy, bit of a dumb dog.