My First Day!


I'm spoiled and- I love it!
Barked: Mon Jun 30, '08 12:56pm PST 
Hi, this is my first day here and I hope to have fun and meet new dog
Good Gollie- Miss Mollie

I am All That- and a bag of- chips
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 8:41pm PST 
happy dance Me too, Me too,

and I hope I don't look like a scoby snack to some of these big dobies, me just a wee one, mini dobie
Delgado in- his real- Home

Are ya gon' let- BSL take me? Me?- ME?!?!
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 4:52am PST 
I've been here for a bit but no one's really been talking so I went to my other half. GSD (or German Shepherd Dog) and joined a VERY talkative group. Don't disappoint me! BOL!

P.S.- For anypup that hasn't you should read my previous diary entries and my full arrival story. It's truly an AMAZING story that everypup should LOVE!