Sweeties rescue story


you might- mistake me for a- sloth
Barked: Fri Jun 27, '08 5:33pm PST 
Let me introduce myself... My name is Sweetie...My family frequently says I am a "SPECIAL NEEDS" dog... I have lived here for just over a year... So my story is I was dumped or ran away or left behind no one is really sure... all I know is I was running around in the middle of a very busy 6 lane highway in the median... this big bald guy in a white car stopped and had a run in with the cops about he was gonna cause an accident trying to rescue me... BOL! So he catches me and I go home to this lady who says...OH NO... we have Diddle and that is plenty and she isn't going to share her home with anyone so I am gonna have to leave ASAP... The first night I stayed in the sun room... I was super covered in fleas and ticks... The lady who is now Momma made many calls the next day refusing to send me to the humane society... whats so humane about well I didn't adopted so its off to the bridge for me? After long hours on the phone she finally found a rescue... BOL!!! But they had no more foster parents so mommy volunteered to keep me until the adoption... The people were really nice they came the following morning and took me to Nashville for spay... grrrrrr...complications... I failed to mention to them I was pregnant knocked up by a full grown german shepherd...BOL!!! So instead of an easy spay they had to abort my puppies and then spay...just as well I would have died giving birth... So I came back home that evening and instead of having dissovable stiches I had to have staples... Well Mommy refused to take me to the adoption because she was not going to trust that whoever adopted me to go get my staples out... okay next adoption 2 weeks thats plenty of time... bottom line... I gave them the best face I could and then they ended up just keeping me...the rescue was so very nice to my family... Mommy called said send us the bill and we will adopt Sweetie...and only the rabies tag came with a very sincere thank you from the rescue...

Seriously I don't know how anyone could have left me behind or allow me to become lost... I have the sweetest disposition, and I am funny as all get out... I have this issue when my butt itches I can't scratch it because I am too fat and to short to get to it... so my owners do it for me...HOWS THAT FOR AN UNDENIABLE LOVE FOR ME... anyways I like new friends so if you stop by and wanna be pals just hit the request and I will be sure to pick you up...BOL!!!