The Snazzy Salon


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do you want to get pampered?? well you have came to the right place "The Snazzy Salon" is in a perfect atmosphere with lots of love going around while you have fun and play games!! meet great new friends and explore the new styles all the doggies and catties show! Competitions to be won, mini chat rooms of your choice and a wonderful place to just sit back and relax!!

come and join the fun! we are open for every one at any hour "The Snazzy Salon
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Archie - you should post a link to your group so it is easier for our members to check out! way to go
Smilin'- Penny Poop- :º )~

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maybe dis will work

shrug Well guess ya gots to copy and paste it..way to go

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Archie, can you put my tail in a french braid?

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Say Chi,I would like a little copper highlights put in my hair today,as well as a shampoo and dry. My friend here Tonka would like to be pampered as well! Could we also get pedicures today after we get our hair done?
Wow,Tonka it's not so busy right now like I was afraid it would be.I guess we came in at just the right time!!!
Where is your manicurist,out to lunch? Oh dear I do so much want to have my nails done today!

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Tonya,Look out the window! Is that Roger Leo over there by that limo? Who is that girl that he's talking to there? Look at her,she's pretty! I bet she doesn't have a clue how young Roger Leo is? He does look a little older than he really is!
Whew, I thought I'd left my keys in my car!! I jsst found them in my bag!!!!
Does anyone know where a good photographer is around here? Tonya and I want to have our pictures made. By the way I forgot to introduce myself,my name's Misty. I'm getting pretty for my beau,Mr. Bentley!
OOOH! It smalls so nice in here!!! What is that smell?

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Mr. Archie, Can we get our nails done today?

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Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 9:40pm PST 
Mr. Archie,
My name is Princess Elaine. Could I please get todays special wash and dry? I also need a little bit of conditioner in my hair today.I have been playing outside in the heat and my hair feels a bit dry!

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Misty says" Mr. Archie, Do you know my mom,Chloe? Has she been by today?"