About Dog Scouts.

Sadie Way.

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Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 4:23pm PST 
Dog scouts is kind of like your everyday girl scout, or boy scout.
You do things, you learn, and you earn badges. big grin
Each state has a group, or several different groups, in different areas that meet up with your dogs, and do different activities. You first have to pass a written test. I know that sounds scary, but trust me, you learn alot, and I am sure one day you would be very happy that you took the test!
That is the first badge you earn. Then, it is up to your dog scout group on what badge you will work on earning next.
It is lots of fun, great for the dogs, and you!
You can ask me any quistions you have, or go to there website which is listed on the group's home page.
I do hope you will consider joining! dancingway to go

Wags & Woofs,
Afro Ken

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Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 9:26am PST 
wave Hello Dog Scouts!
I would love to be a scout, but I saw on their webpage that there is only one group in MN and it is too far away. I had intentions to email the person in charge of that group about what I can do, but thought I'd ask my Dogster pals first.
Is there a way I can be a dog scout and still work on the badges if I cannot get to the regular meet-ups?
~Afro kenblue dog