Anyfur wanna help out as an admin?????

♥Winn- ie - The Pooh

Hello- Furfriends, - Diva Kitty Here!
Barked: Mon Jun 16, '08 10:53pm PST 
If you are interested in being an admin fur this group......since the original founders are going to be moving.....Just let me know in this thread & tell us somefun that would make you a good admin and also just some things about you in general!!!!! jUST POST IT HERE!!!!!! We will use this thead fur all who would like to be considered as admins fur this new group!!!!!
♥- Crystal- ♥

Barked: Sun Jul 12, '09 5:00pm PST 
Well if you need help I wouldn't mind. I am an administrator for 3 other groups. We control the birthdays in the group Tabbies with Tudes and Italian Cuisine. And we are also admins in Stunning Photos made easy, there is no birthday thread but that group liked our pictures of our white furs that they wanted us to be admins. We are very organized, and would make a good welcoming committee. We could start a birthday thread here too. If you are looking for help, we are available.