hay me tiny pals


Barked: Fri Jun 6, '08 1:01am PST 
hello my tiny pals wavewavewavewavewavewave

lets play tell a little about your self...
i will start
i dream to be a famous agitity doggie
i have a sister called pixie
i love soft toyes
i hate baths
i love the beach
i love anoying me step brother(the bird)
i love my family and they love me

now tell me about your self

Little- Miss- Ann!
Barked: Fri Jun 6, '08 4:25am PST 
Hi there Archie wavewavewave

Ok, I'll tell all about wonderful me (bol!)

It's coming up on a year since mommy rescued mehamster dance

I live with a Boston Terrier named Shadow & a Shepherd mix named Nikki.

Even though I'm the smallest , I'm the boss snoopy

My favorite thing in the world is my collection of fleece blankies!

I hate baths & having my nails trimmed.

Mommy says I'm a lizard cuz I love lying in the sunhappy dance
ღ- Mojotiki- ღ

Barked: Sun Jun 8, '08 6:00am PST 
wavecheerwavecheerwave HI ! SWEET ARCHIE ! blue dog Here's 'bout ME !hamster dance
I LV Wennies !!
I Lv water & taking bathes !
I don't fuss 'bout getting my nails done, BUT ! I don't like it !
I have a Sissy Chi named Sierra !
I LV sun bathing *
I Lv chasing squirrels !
I Lv bike rides & walking !
I don't like company & my naps cut short , unless theres a treat involved!
Lots of Lv, Lixs ! Mojotiki happy dancehamster danceblue doghappy dancehamster dance


Feed me, or get- out of my way
Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 9:45pm PST 
Hi Archie, here's about me:
I'm the BOSS (that's most important!)
I love eating people food
I snub most treats meant for dogs
I'm really smart, but I don't listen
I love riding in the car
I love taking Emmet, mommy, & grandpa on a walk (yes, I lead them!)

here's about Emmet:
He's SUPER sweet
He LOVES mommy!!!
He doesn't need a leash most of the time
He listens and follows directions VERY well
He Loves to eat even more than me
He Loves riding in the car too
He Loves kids! (I don't understand why??!!)

Hold me please!
Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 12:44pm PST 
Here's all about me:
I'm the baby of the family and I like it!
My favorite treat is mommy's homemade chicken strips
I love to sleep all curled up next to mommy's chest
I love, love, love to play with Tucker
I snuggle in my bed with Katie during the day
I want to play with Harley the cat, but she won't even consider it
I love to go for walks and car rides and go to play days
My favorite toys are the soft ones and I'll bring them back to mommy if she tosses them for me.
I love to chew on hooves!

Now about Molly:
I am the Princess of the family
I take my time doing stuff and make everyone wait for me
I am very picky about what I eat - no kibble - only home cooked for me
I love to play zoomies
I like the hair dryer after my baths
I love to be carried rather than walk
I do like to go on walks - but I make everyone stop and wait for me while I "do my thing" and I just stop when I want and then I get carried
I love taking naps in my bed with Katie during the daytime
I like to lick on mommy's feet before I go to sleep at night
I always sleep under the covers by mommy's feet

OK now Tucker:
I am the leader of the pack - everyone needs to follow me!
I love, love, love to go for walks - but I have to be in front
I am very smart but only listen if I feel like it
I love to play catch the ball with mom
I am a very picky eater too - hamburger on the grill is nice
I steal toys or chewies from Sparky, Molly and Katie
I love to have my chest scratched and will paw at mom until she does it
I like to lick mom's face in the mornings before we get up
I like to sleep in mom's chair when she's at work
I love all the play day mom's and will jump right in their laps with or without an invitation

OK, now Sparky
I am the oldest and was here first
I am a little grumpy with Katie cause she's a baby and is annoying
I love to play fetch - but only with dad if at all possible
I love to bark at any little noise or the kids playing outside
I am a little shy, but love attention
I am an excellant walker - right by mom's side and I don't pull on the leash at all
I hate having my nails trimmed or be brushed but baths are fine
I love my homecooked food and would prefer never to have another kibble ever
I love to chase Harley the cat
I sleep on the pillow by mom and dad's heads - it's the best spot on the whole bed.

OK that's all of us!

Barked: Thu Jul 31, '08 2:02am PST 
hi again!

everything is- mine
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 3:07pm PST 
I'm the best guard dog
balls are my favorite toys
I have cats sisters...I don't like them
I love people
I love going for car rides