Doesn't Anybody in My Group Have a Funny to tell?

Elsa Our- Guardian- Angel

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Barked: Mon Jun 2, '08 12:10pm PST 
Hi fellow members.
Thanks for joining my group. Does anyone have a good funny to tell?
It can be from your puppy days or from your senior days or if you are middle aged,
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Barked: Tue Jun 3, '08 12:46pm PST 
Well, I guess it's sort of funny - mom and I drive to SUNYAB campus so I can swim - and I sit in the front seat and when our neighbors or someone in the car next to me see me - I am looking intently out of the front window, just like a person - they smile ! I never hang my head out of the window - no, I want to see where I am going at all times (might be the vet.....) blue dogdancing
Elsa Our- Guardian- Angel

Elsa Our Forever- Friend
Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 11:17am PST 
Hi Rocky,

Sorry, I have not checked my group in a couple of days.

That is so funny. And you know what, I did the same thing. Just like us Labs not wanting to miss a trick.
I used to concentrate so hard on where we were headed that when moms business took us to a new area I was very intent and knew right away this was a new spot. She always said that I could run the route.
Back in the old days when I went in moms mustang I never, ever hung my head out the window. What is with that?
Mom said I was the copilot. If I got tired, I did not lay down I just laid my head on the back of the seat. A couple people asked mom "is your dog sick" and she said no, that is "just what she does".

I can't go in that car anymore too small for me and my bad back.

But dad has a nice big SUV and I get the ENTIRE back on trips.

We had to buy a luggage carrier so I could hog up all of the space.

p.s. do you wear "shades" in the car and a bandana?


Rocky - 1997 - 2010

I love my- family!
Barked: Fri Jun 6, '08 12:50pm PST 
That's funny, Elsa - I know exactly where we are going and look when we pass a "special spot" on the way that I think we should stop at! Today I went swimming and it was so nice - the kids from the Daycare at the college were on a walk and all watched me in the lake! No, I don't have sunglasses but I do have a big teddy bear I have to have with me when I go into the car !! xoxblue dogblue dogsnoopy