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♥Maya- ♥

Maya, Maya,- Papaya, Fee fi- fo Maya!
Barked: Mon May 26, '08 7:14am PST 

환 영합니다!
Woof! Woof!

Thank you fur joining ♫♪Dogs UNLEASHED!♪♫

There's lots of fun stuff to do here! And so in this thread, I will give you a quick tour of the group so you know where to get started! dancing

To begin with, please:

✔Read the D.U. Guidelines

You gotta make an entrance and let everydoggy know who you are!

✔Be sure to stop at the Tell us about yourself... thread.

✔Head on over to the Get to Know Each Other Better Quiz.

✔Check out the Five facts about yourself thread.

✔Try the Are you Naturally Talented thread.

✔If you love playing, check the Favorite Toys!thread out!

Then, if you would like to share what the place where you live is like (no addresses or personal info please) and compare with others...

✔Go to Today's Weather Report where you live.

✔Go to What's the best thing about where you live?.

Had something interesting happen to you today? Then...

✔You should definitely go here: Oh My! Today the...

As a Dogs UNLEASHED! member, you can:

Attain your own member card.

✔Have your Barkday celebrated!

✔Request a picture from the Photo Studio

Also, if you're feeling like your pack isn't big enough, maybe you just new some lovin' new pals!

Need a Pup Pal?.

Think you've got TOP DOG status? Then...

✔Run over to the Dog of the Month thread.

But we know most of you are looking fur FUN & GAMES, so here is a list of the games Dogs UNLEASHED! has to offer:

Hang Man- Doggy Style

Celebrity Name Game

Word Up!

The "Ing" Game

The Genie Game!

Hide n Seek with Rex!

States...Bu do bu do bu do

Opposite of ______ is ?

Word Association

Scrambled Words

The Dictionary Game

Name that Breed

Question -> Answer Game

Tic Tac Toto!


Movie/TV Dogs... Roll Call!

How Many? Game...

Wondering about the WoRdS

The Breed Name Game

The Ball Game

Are you cutest?


Dogtor Seuss

The Great Rumbling Race

Tag, you're it!

Animal Expressions - howl them out!

Decorate the Room!

The Doggie Below

Name Acronym

Gimme 5

Whew! What a list!

I furgot to add this...

✔If you have a suggestion fur the group to make it better, go to Comments/Suggestions

We hope you have a great time!! Have fun!

PS:If you have any questions or concerns, please p-mail me or any of the admins and we'd be glad to help!

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Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Wed May 28, '08 2:04pm PST 
wave all you new pups! big grin

Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 1:59pm PST 
wave Welcome everypup!

Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Fri Jun 6, '08 4:09am PST 
soooo nice to be herewavedancingdancingdancing

Barked: Thu Jul 10, '08 5:34pm PST 
This group seems like loads of fundancing

Chloe's got Mom- wrapped around- her paws
Barked: Thu Jul 10, '08 6:06pm PST 
Hi everyone! wave

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Thu Jul 10, '08 6:07pm PST 
Hey Ozzie Wozzie wave good to see you here! big grin

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Thu Jul 10, '08 6:08pm PST 
You too Chloe! laugh out loud hughug

Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Sat Jul 12, '08 1:08pm PST 
wave Hi all you new pups! Glad you could join us! big grin

Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Barked: Mon Jul 14, '08 6:34pm PST 
I am glad Bonzer invited me, this group is fun. snoopy
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