Summer time!


Barked: Wed May 21, '08 6:06pm PST 
Does anyone have ideas on keeping your St. cool in the summer? This is my first summer with Sam. He loves to run and play outside - but he is panting so hard when I let him inside that I'm worried he is going to have a heart attack! I only let him stay outside for 30 minutes or so at a time, but he is still really hot. Plus - we live in Dallas, it's not even June yet...the heat is only going to get worse! red face

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Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 8:24pm PST 
Hi Sam...sorry this is posted soooo late. It's Snoopy's first summer too. But here is what we do to keep the fella cool:
1. Ice water.....usually have lots of ice in his water, and let him snack on ice cubes.
2. He absolutely loves getting hosed with the cold water from the garden hose, so I litterally soak the boy. Today, I swear he soaked up more water than my flower beds!
3. We bought him a kiddie pool from the store. He loves dunking his head under water to retrieve the toys that accidentally (on purpose) get thrown in.
4. We only take walks eraly mornig before it heats up too much, and late evening.

We also have AC in the house and that helps too.
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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 5:36pm PST 
Here where i live in, it's /currently/ summer. From the end of March 'till the first week of June.
I don't really worry about my Saint's, cause they have this giant fan. laugh out loudlaugh out loud
And they have this dog house (which is very big) and the floor is made with tiles (the floor is covered with a giant matt)
big laugh
But we only let them in there during summer. shrug


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Barked: Thu Apr 15, '10 1:03pm PST 
We too have gotten a little kiddie pool for Abby to cool off in. Plenty of shade, water and we bring her inside from noon - 5pm each afternoon during the summer as we live in Kansas and the heat is too much for her.