11-year cancer- survivor
Barked: Mon May 19, '08 1:01pm PST 
Hi Everyone!

Thanks for inviting me to be part of the group. I'm wanting to share -and hoping to help.
My main motivation in becoming a part of dogster, is to connect with other pet parents dealing with their animals' health issues and/or passing.
My girl was an 11-year cancer survivor on all-natural remedies.
She lived a vibrant and happy life until the age of 19.

Her passing was almost unbearable for me. I found no pet-loss books that truly addressed the depth of my pain. And so at the strong urging of many pet parent friends, I wrote one. It was just published- May '08.
There is no big publishing company marketing this book...only me (although it IS for sale through all major online booksellers).

I am hoping the book not only brings comfort and camaraderie to my fellow pet parents, but also inspires a greater understanding in those people we all know who say things like, "It's just a dog."

Thanks, everyone!!

Determination- shall conquer
Barked: Sat Jul 19, '08 5:30am PST 
That is great, writing a book to help people deal with the loss. A lot of people don't think you should mourn a pet cause they are "just animals" (not my opinion). They are one of the family just like our children. Our Buzz has epilepsy and with the meds he is on will eventually have a lot of problems with his liver.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.