looking for a small mate for breeding


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Barked: Mon May 19, '08 11:06am PST 
Hi all,
I dont come on this site often because once mom comes home we like to spend quality time together instead of her spending too much time on the computer. Here is my thing. I am now 14 months old and will be ready for breeding in the fall 2008, but I don't know of any potential mate yet. So, I was wondering if coming on here might help out in my search for a good mate.
I would like to find a small dog (8 lbs or less) with a good personnality. Mom and I are going on holidays in July/August but we will be looking intensely once we are back home.
I hope I get some replies or recommendations from someone. Thank you all and bless all of you and your mommies/daddies.
PS - I really want to be a mommy and my Mom says I can keep one of my little ones. This will be such a good thing for me - I'll have someone to teach how to be a good dog, and stay with me forever, we will play and go on walks together - show off in our nice outfits and all kind of neat stuff...