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Barked: Fri May 16, '08 2:05am PST 
I'm curious about the use of von or vom in the name. Rok's parents both use vom so I did the same. I thought it might have something to do with gender but apparently not since both his parents use vom. I know von means "of" and the translation of vom that I found off the internet is also "of" as in 15th of May. Any elightenment is appreciated.
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Barked: Mon Jul 14, '08 7:52am PST 
im fairly certain that "von' refers to "of a certain lineage" whereas "vom" refers to an area of origin whether city country household, etc.. but i am only about 85% certain.

Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 11:20am PST 
To my knowledge, von and vom are basicall the same. they mean family of....so Kaiser von Hoel is Kaiser from the family of Hoel in my case.

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vom von
from and of the those are add in's on's.
Then the last of it may be german word or expression.
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Barked: Fri Apr 1, '11 5:31pm PST 
Vom is exactly that is the german word for "of" (family). Some others use the vom follow by haus (house) and then their last name. Its a matter of preference. Most german shepherds have those words in their pedigree (from their ancestors).

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